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We help you sell and buy real estate in Saint Petersburg with a guarantee of transaction security

Take advantage of the experience of real estate market leaders
real estate
61 323K m2
of residential
properties are sold
24 h
mortgage or installment
partner banks

Help You to sell Your property quickly and profitably

Accompany You in all transaction stages, harmonize terms of the contract, organize the handover of facilities and receiving money
  • You don’t need to waste time on preparation
    of Your property and it’s placement on the
    advertising platform
  • Without assistance we organize the apartment
    - showing at any convenient time for You
  • We do all paperwork for alienation of property
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of completed real estate office

If You want to sell Your apartment – just address to our agency. We’ll do all the rest for You!

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Your Benefits with Us

The valuation of residential property

Do You want to sell Your apartment quickly and profitably? For this You must assess the value of it as accurately as possible! The major mistake among sellers is excessive expectations.

The valuation of an apartment is a difficult process and You need to know exact statistical picture on the real estate market. Our experienced experts hold such information, they help You to value Your apartment price FOR FREE.

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    Why is it better to be WITH us?

    Центр недвижимости «Квадрат» получил международное признание на всемирно известном конкурсе в сфере недвижимости «International Property Awards

    Победителей в различных номинациях выбирает независимая коллегия из 80 членов жюри – экспертов в области недвижимости. Комиссию возглавляют Лорд Кейтнесс, Лорд Бест и Лорд Уэверли, члены Палаты лордов в Парламенте Великобритании
    • Уникальность компании и ее достижения за последние 12 месяцев
    • Компания сертифицирована в соответствии с национальными требованиями
    • Материалы, связанные со всеми аспектами маркетинга агентства

    Работаем на рынке
    недвижимости с 2013 г.

    Мы заботимся о своих клиентах и всегда стараемся поддерживать самые высокие стандарты качества.Центр Недвижимости «Квадрат» предоставляет свои услуги в соответствии с Национальным Стандартом Российской Гильдии Риэлторов и является действительным членом Ассоциации риэлторов Санкт-Петербурга и ЛО. Мы даем гарантию финансовой защищенности наших клиентов и застраховали свою профессиональную деятельность на 10 000 000 рублей.

    Компания нового поколения в сфере недвижимости.

    Взаимовыгодное объединение всех участников рынка недвижимости. Благодаря такой коллаборации, мы помогаем сократить затраты на привлечение новых клиентов, бесплатно предоставляем опытных специалистов и престижный офис для встреч и работы в центре
    Санкт-Петербурга, сохраняя вашу независимость.

    10 лет безупречной репутации

    За эти годы компания превратилась из маленького агентства недвижимости в одного из лидеров в Санкт-Петербурге, которая получает множество положительных отзывов от наших клиентов.

    Mortgage department helps you to get
    a credit or mortgage within 24 hours

    We lower a mortgage rate up to 0.1 % annually

    Any kinds
    of properties
    for mortgage
    We save your
    time by
    you in a bank
    We get an
    approval in
    98 % of cases
    We’ve got
    a huge number
    of partner banks
    and variety
    of preference
    We work with «tough»
    mortgage stories (bad
    credit report, business
    owner and sole
    proprietor etc.)
    Fill in only one form and
    we’ll send it to
    several banks

    How does it work?

    • Consultation
      Mortgage expert calls you within 10 minutes, figures out your goals and tells You what to do next.
    • Filling out the form
      You collect all the documents, attach them on-line and fill in the data about yourself.
    • Sending an application form to a bank
      Mortgage expert checks all the data and sends an application form to several banks.
    • Mortgage approval
      After bank examination, we report your application status and bank conditions.
    • Deal
      We help to choose property You like, send it to the bank for examination and make a deal.
    Text to our mortgage broker in WhatsApp and he answers all your questions
    Text to our mortgage broker in WhatsApp and he answers all your questions

    Download the check-list
    to sell property
    by yourself

      Download check-list

      Guarantee the security of the transaction

      Financial protection of your transaction
      The "Kvadrat" real Estate center will refund you up to 10 000 000 rubles in case of damage to property interests.

      We take care of our customers and always try to maintain the highest quality standards, which is why our company has insured its professional liability in the largest and most reliable insurance company in Russia «AlfaStrakhovanie».

      By signing a contract with the «Kvadrat» real estate center, we guarantee our clients no financial losses, since the company undertakes to compensate the client for losses incurred due to its fault.

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        Visit our office in the center of St. Petersburg

        Central office:
      • Bolshaya Morskaya ulitsa, 22,
        BC «Senator», office 202
      • +7 812 318-40-52
      • Free parking next to the business center
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        Get a consultation on the resale of your property

        You will also get:
        A copy of the
        Service Agreement
        Conditions of the search
        for potential buyers
        A personal manager for
        the sale of your apartment

          What is the most convenient way for getting the information and documents?

          We provide the full range of services:
          • Carry out the express assessment and analyze the real estate market
          • Work out the tax minimization strategy (if necessary)
          • Make photos and videos of the apartment, initialize the advertising
          • Organize the viewings at the most convenient for you time
          • Gather all the necessary certificates and prepare the documents for the alienation of property
          • Organize the negotiations with the buyer and the acceptance of the advance fee
          • Negotiate all the conditions of the transaction, payment and mortgage finalization
          • Organize the search for the alternative apartment for you (if necessary)
          • Provide the support on all stages of the transaction
          • Organize the transfer of real estate and the process of collection of money
          • Provide consultations on all the questions that may arise in regards of the sales, taxes and other questions related to the real estate

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